01/28 - 2022

Michelle has received an amanuensis position at Sahlgrenska Academy. This means that she will have 25% employment working with her research project in our laboratory during her study at Medical school. Welcome, Michelle. Congratulations!

12/23 - 2021

Tao Jin has been granted by Sahlgrenska Academy a project-linked doctoral position (full time position for 4 years, Gothenburg University covers 70% of the salary). The doctoral position will be announced in the coming weeks. The doctoral project title is 'Predictors of mortality for severe sepsis: From mice to patients'. We are looking forward to reviewing the applications from all over the world.

06/29 - 2021

The manuscript about the proinflammatory properties of S. aureus extracellular vesicles is now accepted by IJMS. Great work, congratulations to Pradeep!

06/05 - 2021

Balsam has received stipend from Göteborgs läkarsällskap, congratulations!

16/04 - 2021

Michelle has received stipend for her research time during summer from Stiftelsen Fru Mary Von Sydows, Född Wijk, Donationsfond, congratulations!

19/02 - 2021

The manuscript about the role of Staphylococcal Lipoproteins in skin infections is now accepted by Communications Biology. Great work, congratulations to Majd!

30/01 - 2021

The review article 'Bacteria and host interplay in Staphylococcus aureus septic arthritis and sepsis' is now accepted by Pathogens.

26/01 - 2021

Balsam's first manuscript regarding the osteoporosis in myositis patients is now accepted by Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology. Congratulations, Balsam!

21/11 - 2020

The new PhD student Zhicheng Hu joined the team. Welcome to the team Zhicheng!

31/10 - 2020

The manuscript about the role of vWBP.vWF in septic arthritis is now accepted by Mbio!